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What You Should Know about Bar Codes and Selling on Amazon

Posted: January 21, 2015

Q. Do I Need a UPC to sell on Amazon?

A. Yes, as of 2008 all products sold on Amazon need a UPC…

exception: If you manufacture your own goods/products you can apply for a brand registry exemption. This allows you to sell products without UPC’s or EAN’s.


Q. What if I’m selling an existing product but I can’t find the UPC?

A. Option 1: Search Amazon, if you are selling the EXACT same product thats been listed already you don’t need to create a new product page with a new UPC

Option 2: Contact the original manufacturer, they should have the UPC on file

Option 3: Buy UPC’s from a verified reseller



Q. Does the UPC need to physically be on the product?

A. No, the UPC number is only required to create the product page


Q. Can I use the same UPC for multiple products?

A. Yes, the UPC is only needed to create a new product page/listing. If you have 10 of the exact same product they can all be assigned the same code.

If there are any differences between products ie: size or colour they will require a new product listing and a unique UPC for example:

I sell Mugs. I have 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz sizes and have 3 different colours for each size. I would need 9 different UPC’s


Q. What do I do if Amazon’s system says my number is invalid?

A. Make sure that there are no spaces, dashes or any additional characters. Double check the spreadsheet that you recieved from us to verify.


Q. It says I need a 13 digit number but I only put in 12? Or I need 12 but put in 13?

A. Amazon’s form usually accepts either the UPC(12 digits) or EAN(13 digits) number, enter the number you have and move forward with the application.


Q. What if someone has used my barcode number?

A. First and foremost it is illegal for anyone to copy your code! Bar Codes Talk only sells verified UPC/EAN numbers that are unique to you as the buyer. If you are running into this problem please do not panic, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Find your certificate of authenticity that we provided in your package. **If you purchased from a different seller and did not receive a certificate of authenticity you may have run into an unfortunate situation where you were sold unverified codes, not much can be done about this. 

Step 2: Call Amazon’s seller support, USA: 1-866-216-1072. International: 1-206-266-2992

Step 3: Ask for their special Catalog Team. (normal seller support can’t fix this)

Step 4: Report the fake seller & the Catalog Team will correct the listing. (May take 24 hours for Amazon to update their system)


If you have any further questions in regards to using UPC or EAN numbers on Amazon or just general inquiries about bar codes please don’t hesitate to speak with our customer support team.


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