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Who Buys Bar Codes: An Industry Specific Guide

Posted: December 3, 2014

Anyone who’s interested in making money understands the importance of keeping accurate records. Associating a unique bar code with your product enables retailers to easily track the sales of your items within their inventory system. Fast, reliable, and free from the risk of human error, bar codes are inexpensive to purchase and can be printed on a multitude of different label types suitable for any product. At Barcodes Talk, our bar codes are priced competitively and without renewal fees, allowing your company to maximize your return on investment.



If you’re new to the world of bar codes, you may be wondering about the specific UPC requirements for your product. Use these handy tips to purchase a bar code that’s right for you:

If you’re planning on selling your book in a book store, the retailer will likely require an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). This number is separate from a bar code. That being said, if you plan to sell your book through places other than a bookstore, a upc bar code may suffice. Given the separate cost of each, it’s wise to contact the retailer in advance to determine their needs. If you purchase an ISBN and need it converted into a scannable bar code, Barcodes Talk can do that for you!

Bar codes enable new and established musicians alike to track the sale of their work. If you’re planning to sell CD’s in a retail outlet, a upc bar code from Barcodes Talk is all you need. If you’re an independent artist, your upc bar code will also allow you to register your music with SoundScan improving your marketing and providing you with accurate records of your album’s sales.

Magazines usually require special bar codes with 5-digit BIPAD numbers encoded in them, though some retailers will accept regular UPC’s or EAN’s. Similar to our suggestion for book sellers, it’s wise to ask your retailer about their needs first to determine which type of bar code will be required.

Greeting Cards
In the old days, retailers had different requirements for greeting cards, depending on whether the cards were being sold separately or in a box set. Today, those requirements have been simplified, with most retailers recommending that each individual card bears its own unique upc bar code.

Regardless of where you’re planning on selling your DVD, it will require its own unique upc bar code. Barcodes Talk can provide you with the code as well as any number of print labels you may require.

Shipping Containers
Shipping container bar codes make it easy for retailers to track multiple quantities of individual products. The codes are applied to the outside of shipping containers or pallets and scanned into the retailer’s inventory management system when the product arrives at, and departs from, the warehouse. If you already have shipping container codes but need them converted into scannable bar codes, Barcodes Talk can help!

A family-owned business with a loyal customer base of over 15,000 companies spanning countless industries, Barcodes Talk is experienced in handling every size and type of bar code order. We understand how tricky it can be to get your product into retail stores. Our goal is to simplify the process of how to purchase a bar code, easing your worry as you take your company to market. Curious about our services? Take a look at our Google Customer Reviews to learn more about our proven track record, or reach out to us for answers to any of your bar codes questions.

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