BarcodesUPC and EAN Barcode numbers are required in almost every online and physical store. They allow companies to properly understand which products are selling, set separate price points for different variations, and allow for quick and efficient reorders. At Bar Codes Talk, it’s our goal to easily allow our customers to purchase authentic barcodes and assist them in understanding their use. If you already know what you need you can purchase barcodes here otherwise let's dive in!


A UPC, which stands for Universal Product Code, is a 12-digit bar code used primarily in the United States and Canada. Retailers mainly use these to track their product inventory.


EAN or "European Article Number" is similar to a UPC. This barcode type is used outside of the United States and Canada as an alternative to the UPC. The EAN barcode contains 13 Digits.


GTINs or "Global Trade Item Numbers" is the group name for various types of retail barcodes. GTIN-12 represents a UPC, GTIN-13 and EAN, and GTIN-14 a SCC or Shipping Container Code.

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