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Terms of Service

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Thank you for your order

Bar Codes Talk, LLC’s Terms of Service

Last Updated: April, 26th 2019

Thank you for your purchase through Please read the following general policies that apply to your order. These general policies, along with others, are outlined in the Terms of Use agreement, which can be found on the website and is enclosed with your order.


1. Return Policy for Bar Code Numbers

Return Policy for Bar Code Numbers You may not return any GTIN, UPC-A, or EAN-13 numbers purchased through Bar Codes Talk, LLC. Due to the nature of these goods, we cannot offer a return service. We do this to ensure that each number is unique and NEVER before issued to another company/person. Any other goods or services may be returned only at the sole discretion of Bar Codes Talk, LLC.

2. File Formats for Bar Codes

Bar codes, including but not limited to GTIN numbers, will be provided to you in a compressed format. This compressed file will contain a copy of this Terms of Use agreement, a certificate of authenticity, the GS1 General Specifications, a spreadsheet listing your assigned number(s), and a document containing a printed label price list and instructions on how to use your bar code numbers.

Artwork will be provided in a vector graphics format, which can be re-scaled to any resolution or size in any professional layout program, including but not limited to Adobe Illustrator. Artwork will be provided as a 1.5” x 1” graphics file, whether in .jpg or vector graphics format.

Bar Codes Talk, LLC recommends that you print the GTIN numbers and Artwork on a laser printer at a resolution of no less than 600 dots per inch. Bar Codes Talk, LLC recommends that you print GTIN numbers and Artwork in black ink on a white background to ensure that the GTIN numbers and Artwork remain high-contrast and can be read by a scanner.

3. Warranties and Representations

Bar Codes Talk, LLC hereby warrants that you will be issued a unique GTIN number and that Bar Codes Talk, LLC will maintain a database of all GTIN number prefixes that have been transferred or granted to Bar Codes Talk, LLC. Upon a sale of any or all of the assets of Bar Codes Talk, LLC, Bar Codes Talk, LLC will be absolved of any duty to maintain a database of GTIN number prefixes.

You hereby understand and agree that you will not resell any and all GTIN numbers or Artwork issued by Bar Codes Talk, LLC to a third-party UNLESS given written consent.

You further hereby understand and agree that some retailers may not accept the GTIN numbers and Artwork issued by Bar Codes Talk, LLC because the GTIN number or Artwork is not purchased directly through the GS1. These retailers include but are not limited to the following:

GS1 Rental Required:

  • *Walmart / Sam’s-Club (GS1 Board Member) *Not currently
  • Kroger / Fred-Meyers
  • Macy’s / Bloomingdale’s (GS1 Governor)
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Costco
  • Nordstroms
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Wegmans (GS1 Governor)
  • Sears
  • GS1 EDI System Providers

May require

  • *Amazon (GS1 Board Member)
  • Whole Foods (Amazon subsidiary)
  • Walgreens
  • K-Mart
  • Publix (GS1 Governor)
  • Target (GS1 Governor)
  • QVC (GS1 Governor)
  • JC Penney’s

*Amazon has updated their company policy and put a barcode ownership verification process in place. They are using GS1’s GEPIR database as the sole means of verification. We have contacted Amazon directly to let them know that the database they are using is not current and does not reflect correct ownership information for all of the barcode numbers GS1 has issued prior to 2002 from the GS1-USA member organization. Amazon’s action in 2016 to join the board of GS1 speaks volumes of their intentions to correct this issue. For specifics on our experience with amazon’s systems find our most current information on Amazon-GTIN exceptions and rules listed here: (HERE)

GS1 Board of Governors:

While Bar Codes Talk, LLC takes its best efforts to notify you of retailers that will not accept GTIN numbers or Artwork issued by Bar Codes Talk, LLC, you hereby understand and agree that Bar Codes Talk, LLC will not be held liable or refund your purchase of goods or services through the Website for the failure of any third-party to accept GTIN numbers or Artwork issued by Bar Codes Talk, LLC. You understand and agree that you have a duty to notify Bar Codes Talk, LLC of any and all retailers that will not accept your GTIN numbers or Artwork.

Bar Codes Talk, LLC warrants that it will forward any information or communication that it receives concerning your GTIN numbers or your Artwork to you provided you have provided Bar Codes Talk, LLC with timely contact information.

You hereby understand and agree that you must notify Bar Codes Talk, LLC within seven (7) days of any changes to your contact information, including but not limited to a change of address, email address, or telephone number.

Bar Codes Talk, LLC retains all of its rights under the law to prosecute the unlawful use of or pirating of GTIN numbers or Artworks that utilize prefixes issued by Bar Codes Talk, LLC.

4. Cancellation Policy

If Buyer cancels an order, all future work thereon will be stopped by Bar Codes Talk as soon as reasonably possible and a cancellation charge will be rendered in the amount of the costs incurred to the date of stoppage.

5. Return Policy for Printed Labels

It is the policy at Bar Codes Talk to do everything we can to ship you the right product the first time and each and every time. However, we recognize that humans are not perfect. Errors are rare and we seek to resolve them fairly and promptly.

When an error occurs, we ask that you contact us immediately at 1-877-263-1343. Please indicate what the problem is -- for example: "wrong quantity" or "misspellings." In order to assure that a similar error does not occur on your orders, or any other orders, we will investigate the cause of the error. When we discover the source of the error, we will take action to resolve any underlying procedure or other factors that might have contributed to your problem. If the mistake is on our end, we will fix the issue at no charge to you. After 30 days, we will not accept any products for return.

If the error is on the customers end, we will do our best to work with the customer to provide them the product that they need. Additional Fees may incur.

When returning any product to us, please follow these steps:

  • Please call 1-877-263-1343 and provide us with your order number. If the problem appears to be a result of our error, one of our labeling professionals will provide you with the next steps in resolving this issue.
  • We will print and reship all incorrect items. Shipping will be the same as original order. Expedited Shipping may incur additional fees
  • There is no need to ship us back your incorrect items, we’ll do our best to get you on your way!

6. Shipping Policy

We ship by UPS and USPS.
Currently we offer $8.00 Flat Rate Standard Shipping for Orders Under $50.00 and FREE Standard Shipping for Orders Over $50.00.
All other shipping will be priced as quoted.
Flat rate and Free shipping are only available within the Continental US. This excludes Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.
Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico shipping will be as quoted.


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