10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cheap and Effective Barcodes Through Bar Codes Talk

Where’s the best place to get your barcode numbers? At Bar Codes Talk, we’re certain we’re the best best place to buy upc barcodes, and we’ve been working hard for the past twelve years to make sure that you and our 150,000 satisfied customers will all agree. Here are the ten best reasons you could ask for.

1. You Need UPC Barcodes 

If you own a business, you’re going to need barcodes. Retail stores need them, warehouses and distributors need them and websites like Amazon won’t let you list your products without them. You can’t just make up your own barcode numbers, nor should you ever buy barcodes secondhand. Doing either of these things can lead to big problems when your numbers clash with someone else’s. 

Fortunately, unique, registered barcodes are both plentiful and inexpensive. Years ago, a standardized international system was set up to ensure everyone can get a unique barcode with the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) system. Things have changed in the past several years — many companies now have to rent barcode numbers, but there’s no need for you to rent. Buy cheap UPC codes today and spend your rental budget on other things in the years to come. 

2. Our Barcodes Are Really Inexpensive

Whether you need just a single barcode or a few thousand, the barcodes and barcode numbers we offer at Bar Codes Talk are extremely budget-friendly. A single barcode purchase is just $5, while bulk purchases range from $2 each to $0.15 each, depending on how many you need.

To save money and to keep all of your barcodes in the same series (so they’re easier to identify as yours), consider buying a bit more than what you need. If you need one, consider buying five. If you need more, consider buying 20 percent more than what you expect to use. Not only will this save you some money, when you do add more products to your inventory, the barcodes will be ready to go, in the same series of numbers as your other products.

3. We Have a 115% Best-Price Guarantee

At Bar Codes Talk, you don’t have to ever worry about being overcharged. Every purchase comes with a 115% Best Price Guarantee. This means if you are able to find a lower price for GS1-US (UCC) barcodes from a verified, legitimate barcode reseller, we will beat that price by 15%. By legitimate, we mean a reseller who has:

  • a real phone number, address and contact information.
  • a government-registered verifiable business with multiple employees.
  • a commercial website (not just an account on eBay or other third-party website).
  • never been in trouble with state or federal authorities or regulators.
  • not been investigated for price-fixing or for selling fraudulent barcode numbers.

In short, if you’re buying fraudulent or re-purposed barcodes from a shady reseller, we won’t be able to match their prices — nor could any honest reseller.

4. Instant Digital Delivery

Once you decide how many barcodes you need, you can have them in your inbox instantaneously. There’s no need to wait 24 or 48 hours for delivery. As soon as you purchase them, you can mark that task as complete and start applying them to your inventory. Bar Codes Talk will give you an Authentic Certificate of Ownership stating that you legally own your numbers for life.

5. “Farm-Fresh” Barcodes You Own Forever

The barcodes you buy from Bar Codes Talk are 100% genuine GS1 US barcodes, registered with your company name for life. There are never any hidden charges or renewal fees. There’s never a good reason to buy non-authentic barcodes. The barcodes you buy from us are always original and guaranteed to work. 

6. WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get

Curious to see exactly what you get when you buy barcodes from Bar Codes Talk? Download this sample package to get a first-hand look. The sample package includes examples of everything you get when you buy your own barcodes:

  • Certificate of GTIN Assignment, providing proof that the barcode series you purchased is now assigned to your company.
  • Excel spreadsheet with your barcode numbers already in place.
  • UPC barcode images for the US and Canada in JPG and EPS formats
  • EAN barcode images for international use in JPG and EPS formats
  • Terms of Use
  • FAQs and information for ordering pre-printed labels

Each barcode image uses its number as its filename so you don’t have to worry about mixing them up or wasting time hunting for the image you need for a specific product. 

7. Guaranteed to Work – Everywhere You Need 

Aside from street vendors, it’s hard to find even a small retail shop that doesn’t use a barcode scanner these days. GS1 barcodes have been the standard since the 1970s, so they will work with every retailer and distribution system in the world. If your GS1 barcodes don’t work, there’s something seriously wrong. 

8. No Need to Rent Additional Numbers

There are several major retailers who insist that you need to rent GS1 barcode numbers before they accept your products. These same companies are on the board of governors that changed the rules a few years ago that make renting out numbers a profitable business model.

The GTINs you buy from Bar Codes Talk are fully compliant with GS1 requirements because they were all generated before 2002 when this new rule came into effect. A successful class-action lawsuit back then ensures that the numbers you buy from us will be accepted, regardless of what the retailer may say on its website. This includes Amazon, Costco, Walmart, and many other companies. You shouldn’t have any problems, but if you do, contact us and we’ll make sure it’s resolved immediately. Contact us at 1-877-263-1343 and select option 1.

9. Our Barcodes Aren’t Illegal

This is almost embarrassing to say and we were hesitant to include it in our list, but our bar codes are legal – and that’s not something we can say about a lot of other barcodes for sale out there. Our barcodes were all obtained before the 2002 UCC Class Action Lawsuit that separates the old barcode system with the current system. Barcodes obtained after 2002 cannot be legally owned, or sold. Any reseller who is offering you barcodes they don’t own are selling them illegally. 

Unfortunately, if you do buy illegal barcodes, it’s just a matter of time before they’re detected and you will have to remove them from your inventory and replace them with new ones. If you suspect a company has sold you illegal numbers in the past, give us a call and we can help you determine if they’re legitimate or not. 

10. Family-Owned Business

Founded in 2009, Bar Codes Talk is a family-owned, independent business. We don’t hide behind a website wall, post office box or anonymous email addresses. Bar Codes Talk has a 5-star rating with the Better Business Bureau

Purchase Bar Codes Talk Barcodes

Our facility is located in beautiful Brooksville, Florida. But don’t let our small town charm fool you — we have over 150,000 customers! 

If you’re ready to buy quality UPC barcodes today, let’s get started. You’ll have all you need in just a few minutes. 


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