The 3 Most Important Types of Barcodes for Tracking and Selling Inventory

What’s the difference between the 3 main types of barcodes: UPC, EAN and GTIN? Here is a review of the barcodes you need to track and sell inventory.

Selling on Amazon? Avoid These 6 Common Listing Errors

When you’re listing new products in your Amazon store, you may occasionally get an error message. Regardless of the error number, Amazon error messages usually boil down to one of 6 problems, each with its own solution.

Selling on Amazon

If you are a manufacturer or reseller and want to sell your product on Amazon, we have some useful tips for you. When adding their product on Amazon some people meet unexpected errors or issues that are not always related to their barcodes. Once you purchase barcodes you are halfway to listing on Amazon.

Tips & Tools To Help Grow Your Business

Best startups are born out of unique ideas. But, if you don't have a working strategy, outstanding planning, and the best tools, your business won't succeed. A smart choice of tools, which include project management, marketing, design, and development, is one of the key aspects of effective strategy implementation.

Barcodes for Music

While the necessity of having barcodes when selling physical music, like CDs or Vinyl might seem more obvious, one might wonder why barcodes are so important for digital music releases. Let's dig deeper into this topic to explore and introduce you the key advantages of having barcodes in the music industry.

Barcode Country Codes

Barcode prefixes do not provide identification country of origin for a specific product. They merely provide number capacity for the assignment of barcode prefixes by the GS1 to different countries. We'll break this down in this article.