The Beginner’s Guide To Amazon UPC Codes

As any seller knows, Amazon is crammed full with not just millions of different products but, millions of different variations of different products.  Like in any other kind of store, each product sold on Amazon has its own unique product code (UPC) to help sellers and buyers quickly identify and catalogue each product.


Generating barcodes, however, can be difficult. Poor barcode readability can cost you time and money with rejected shipments. This article will help you to find the best free barcode generators out there on the web with excellent scan-ability and the quality of the barcodes in comparison to industry standards and specifications.


Amazon remains the most successful ecommerce platform for sellers. Without proper guidelines for Amazon sellers it will be difficult to start online business and even more difficult to thrive in one of the most competitive online marketplaces. The following do’s and don’ts will prevent you from making mistakes and help you to become a successful Amazon seller.


With over 2.5 mln active sellers and a wide range of diverse products available, Amazon is also challenging for sellers, particularly, the newcomers, who had to beat the fierce competition in the market. That’s why it is worth looking through the best-selling Amazon product categories and considering the key features of products, which make them profitable.


Amazon Global Selling (AGS) allows you to leverage your business on a global scale by expanding your marketplaces beyond that of your home base. AGS allows you to expand your Amazon business by listing and selling your products in any of Amazon’s 16 global marketplaces.

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Can you make up your own fake barcode numbers? The answer is no, and here are 5 reasons why.


Selling on Amazon is a great way to market your products. However, knowing the best way to list and promote your items is key to being a successful seller. Here’s how to list products on Amazon successfully.


There’s a reason behind those tiny vertical bars and numbers on a product’s barcode or label. Here’s a guide on how barcodes work.


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