What do you need to use between FNSKU vs UPC barcodes when selling on Amazon? Or do you need both? Barcodes can get quite confusing. Let’s get these different types of barcodes explained. New to selling on Amazon and can't get your head around what's the deal with the barcodes?

What's Inside a UPC Barcode Number?

The goal of any retail upc barcode scan is to find the product, see the price and check if it’s in stock, or so the average person believes. In this article we’ll break down what information is actually in a barcode and how you can learn more about the item then the store may want you to know.  First, a couple myths to dispel. 

Decoding Amazon UPC Barcodes for Sellers

Amazon has been on a continuous cleansing binge to eradicate anything toxic from its systems. Amazon pursues all avenues to clear out noxious counterfeiters and leaves no stone unturned. We’ve witnessed the purge of fakery over the last couple of years that included seemingly benign Amazon UPC Barcodes.

How to Sell Your Product on Amazon

Why do I need a barcode for Amazon? In 2008 Amazon began requiring UPC, EAN, or ISBN bar codes for all products sold on Amazon.com. Scannable bar codes reduce handling times in shipping centers and lessen errors in order fulfillment and shipping. All items sold on Amazon must have a UPC, EAN, or ISBN bar code number.

Top 10 Barcode Mistakes New Amazon Sellers Make

1 - Making up your own barcode

Barcodes for Magazines, Comic Books and Graphic Novels!

Do you need a barcode for self-published work? 

How Do You Buy a UPC Code for Amazon?

Let’s break down the process of buying your UPC code into 4 easy steps. Step 1: Are you Brand Registered with Amazon? If Yes, then you must rent directly from GS1.